Hybrid controller-Moving Light and Par Can controller all in one
. 512DMX channels (24 channels for Par Cans,8 Channels for Strobes,1 channel for DMX Fog Machine and 16 fixtures-up to 36 channels each)
. 20 preset strobe Progrems
. 48 Programmable Par Can Scenes
. 48 Programmable Par Can Chases
. 48 Programmable Moving Light Shows-each with a maxmum of 48 steps
. 8 playback fades
. 6 assignable Fixture Groups
. internal fixture library
. 32MB CF card slot to exchange data,library,memory and set-up files
. Audio input and built in microphone for music sync functions
. Joystick for Pan/Tilt control of moving lights
. Fog machine trgger button
. Grand Master fader-assigned to all dimmer channels
. Par Can Master fader-assigned to all 24 Par Can channels
. Two LCD display,40X2 characters each & amp two 4-segment LED displays
. Polarity switch(2-,3+/2+,3-)
. RS232 to transfer information to and from a PC
. Four DMX 3-pin XLR outputs
. Midi in/out & thru connectors
. includes vinyl dust cover
. USB socket for optional USB light
. Power: 115V/230V selectable
.Optional accessories: USB light & 2GB CF card
. Dimensions: 614 x 398 x 110mm
. Weight: 4.5Kg

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