Plastic Active Speaker MAS12-18PA


-    This system is a multi-functional portable active speaker.

-    It features with Pure & perfect sound and everlasting quality.

     It is easy for operation.

-    2-Way full range active speaker with built-in power amplifier.

-    12" Woofer and 1" compression driver.

-    12" Power is: 180W / 15" Power is: 240W

-    Integrated with MP3 player, easy for music store and playing. 

-    Built-in 12V rechargeable battery.

-    Two microphone input jacks and two wireless microphones system can be used simultaneously.

-    One guitar input jack and one bass input jack with separate volume control.

-    Treble & bass control is supplied.

-    Echo control is suitable for the microphones.

-    Retractable trolley is easy for transportation.


   System: 2-Way full range active speaker with built-in crossover

-    Drivers: 12"LF Woofer      1"Compression driver

-    Output power: 180W

-    Wireless Microphone: Two wireless microphones, permitted VHF 04HHM

-    Frequency response: 35Hz ~ 20KHz

-    T.H.D: <1%

-    Input jack: 2x1/4" MIC in jacks, 1x1/4" Guitar in jack, 1x bass in jack, 1xRCA (L/R Audio) in jacks

-    Output jack: 1XRCA (L/R Audio) output jacks

-    Main power supply: AC 230V/50Hz

-    Back up power supply: DC12V and Built-in 12V rechargeable battery

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