LED Controller (ELC-9)

*This is an 54 or 63 Channels LED lights, it can control the nine.

*With sound/auto/manual trigger control

*It is each program max 50 steps,with nine users the program.

*This unit is a standard DMX-512 controller which has 54 or 63

  Channels output.

*There are max.9 LED fixtures can be controlled and each fixture is up to

 6-7 DMX Channels.

* In order to control different brand of LED fixtures there is a fixture library

  which has 9 kinds of DMX Channels set up.

* There are 9 programmable chases for user and each chase has up to

  50 scenes.

* There are 8 preset patterns are corresponding to different LED fixture.

*  After you finish you chase you can auto running, sound control or manual

  control them.   

*Power input: DC 9V 500mA





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