240 DMX channels

•12 scanners of 20 DMX channels
•30 banks of 8 programmable scenes
•6 chases of 240 programmed scenes from 30 banks
•8 faders for manual control
•All data can be sent or received between two units
 and Fade Time sliders
•Fade Time/Assign Fade Time
•The scanners under control by Pan and Tilt  jog wheels or Joystick
•Fine adjustment of the Pan and Tilt
•Reverse DMX channels causing the faders to control the output reversely
•Preview assigned or reversed DMX channels
•10 CH./20 CH. mode for Assigned or Reversed DMX channels
•Blackout master
•Manual override
•Built-in microphone for Music triggering
•MIDI control over banks, chases and Blackout
•LCD display
•DMX polarity select
•Power failure memory
•RS-232 Port, for PC interface Save with memory and various Settings

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